July 19, 2012

SheepCamp 2012: Matt Zook on Mapping Zombies

Matt Zook's talk comes from a book chapter entitled "Mapping zombies: a guide for digital pre-apocalyptic analysis and post-apocalyptic survival" (co-authored with Mark Graham and Taylor Shelton) and compares the ways in which the zombie trope can inform society as to how the socio-technical practices of the geoweb provide a means for better understanding everyday cultural spaces.

For the full zombie chapter (including stuff that we had to cut from the final chapter) please see our earlier posting.

SheepCamp 2012, Matt Zook from UK College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

Matt's Website: http://www.zook.info/ and www.floatingsheep.org
On Twitter: @mattzook
Zombie Name: Graaagh "Eeeooorgh" the Bloody

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