May 07, 2012

The Floating Sheep meets Physical Geography and Missoula, Montana

A photo essay documenting the adventures of the FloatingSheep (sticker) in Missoula, MT courtesy of Chris Van Dyke. We hope that it inspires others to explore the possibilities of taking the Sheep on the road. Apparently presenting a Floating Sheep sticker to the agent at the rental car desk can provide a free upgrade to your rental.

According to the author, the photo essay "highlights the ontological constraints of the FloatingSheep and the ephemerality of human materiality perched against the bricolage of enforced nature. It also speculates on how the Sheep can positively dematerialize the presence, and possibility, of landscape."

We're not quite sure what that means, either (except perhaps that it gets a bit boring in the evenings)... but be sure to read the commentary underneath each of the photos. Simply brilliant. Note, this is coming from someone who went to Montana to study fluvial geomorphology.

FloatingSheep in Missoula, MT

View more PowerPoint from matthewzook

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