April 30, 2012

Mapping #Kony2012 on Twitter (Part II)

Following on from our last post about mapping #Kony2012 on Twitter, we also wanted to offer up a map that shows the proportion of tweets from each country that made reference to the viral video or the LRA leader (or both).

We've already seen that most tweets referencing Kony were published from North America, and Western Europe, but this map tells a slightly different story. We now see that despite the very low total amount of content coming out of Sub-Saharan Africa (see the map below or read this post about where tweets come from), there is indeed a significant amount of focus on the Kony issue there.

But it remains that this is still a discussion that was largely taking place online in the Global North. While the top five countries in our sample (20% of all georeferenced tweets between March 5 and March 13, 2012) are: (1) USA; (2) Brasil; (3) Indonesia; (4) UK; (5) Mexico; and (6) Malaysia, the top five in terms of tweets that reference #Kony are: (1)USA; (2) UK; (3) Canada; (4) Brasil; and (5) Ireland.

In other words, we see that while Twitter itself contains a lot of voices from the South, the discussion of Kony and Invisible Children remained firmly in the North.

Below are also included a couple of maps showing the total number of tweets published during the same period:

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