September 22, 2010

Floatingsheep in Mapping America

As any of you who have kept up with Floatingsheep for very long may know, we get quite excited when our work appears elsewhere - on the web, in books, in journals, on t-shirts and even beer steins. Most of the time such appearances are unexpected, and we just happen to stumble across them. Other times, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and 2/3 of the Floatingsheep crew is wondering how in the world one of our maps ended up in a new book, when the other 1/3 had spent his precious summer hours making a map quasi-acceptable for said publication...

Bitterness aside, a very fresh and revised version of our map depicting the prevalence of abortion providers and abortion alternatives has been published in a new book, Mapping America: Exploring the Continent by Fritz Kessler. Thanks to Martin Dodge for taking a picture of our appearance in the book and alerting some of us to its existence for the first time.

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