September 02, 2010

Recent Working Papers from Floatingsheep

In addition to blog postings we have written a number of academic papers which form the Floatingsheep Working Paper Series. Email us if the links don't work for you.

**** Floatingsheep Working Paper Series ****

  • Zook, M., Graham, M. and C. Wallace. 2010. Ubiquitous Information or Digital Archipelagos? Variable Geographies of User-Generated Content. (under review). Email us
  • Shelton, T., Zook, M. and M. Graham. 2010. The Technology of Religion: Mapping Religious Cyberscapes. (under review) Email us
  • Graham, M. and M. Zook. 2010. Visualizing the Global Cyberscape: Mapping User Generated Placemarks. Journal of Urban Technology. Forthcoming. Email us
  • Zook, M., Graham, M. and T. Shelton. 2010. The Presidential Placemark Poll. In Atlas of the 2008 Elections (S. Brunn Editor). Forthcoming. Email us
  • Zook, M. and M. Graham. 2007. From Cyberspace to DigiPlace: Visibility in an Age of Information and Mobility. Chapter in Societies and Cities in the Age of Instant Access Eds. Harvey Miller and Howard Rheingold. 231-244. Email us

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