May 12, 2010

Follow Floatingsheep on Facebook

Why in the world isn't Floatingsheep on Facebook?

Until yesterday, this was an excellent question. But now Floatingsheep is on Facebook and we'd like you to join us. If you're not already getting enough in the way of fun maps via Twitter, RSS, email subscription or constantly checking in to see when there is something new, Facebook will be just another avenue through which you can connect with the Floatingsheep Collective and give us feedback on the maps that we make and the conclusions we draw from them.


  1. I have serious concerns about facebook and its' playing fast and loose with my privacy. I am considering committing Facebook suicide, so although I love Floating Sheep, I won't be finding you on Facebook. Did you know that even if you set your profile to friends only, that anyone can access your information through the groups you participate in? I'm sorry Floating Sheep, I don't like you that much. Facebook seems to want to become the "skynet" of the 21st century. I say, "kill it now". Come on people, will someone create an open source social network, already?

  2. @KellyRed: Since we're fully aware of the problems that Facebook presents, we won't hold it against you :) We're just glad that you (and everyone else!) are reading this, regardless of how you come about it.


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