November 12, 2013

Crisis Mapping in the Philippines: Efforts and Resources

Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines has resulted in catastrophic loss of life and deprivation and our hearts go out the people and towns affected. Response to this crisis (as in the case of Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian Earthquake and Hurricane Sandy) includes a range of efforts that leverage user-generated data and the volunteer mapping efforts of individuals and organizations. We thought it useful to highlight some of these unfolding efforts here as resource for our readers and ourselves. At present this is just a listing of some of the things we've seen in our feeds, please add additional ones to the comments.

MANY of these Maps are actively seeking volunteers so please join in. 

A Variety of Crisis Maps for the Philippines:
News Articles about Current Crisis Mapping Responses:
Previous academic work on crowd-sourced crisis mapping responses:

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