June 07, 2013

The Maps of IronSheep 2013

It's been about a month and a half since our IronSheep maphacking event at the AAGs in Los Angeles, but with the end of semester, the Geography of Hate map and a number of other goings on around Floatingsheep HQ, we've been negligent in posting the results. It was another great year, with about 35 participants divided up into seven teams (see below). But we'd like to give a special thanks to Rohit Shukla and Mike Rudis at LARTA for being such fantastic hosts, as well as John Yaist and Tim Flewelling at Esri for providing the resources for some pretty sweet prizes.

For reasons of propriety/reputation (you'll know why when you seem some of the results), we're not releasing the names of who belong to which team….but you know who you are! The rules of the event and the list of data made available is at the bottom of the post in case you are interested in the details.

For the actual maps used in the presentations (albeit cleaned up a bit as we try to run a PG-13 blog) see the powerpoint at slideshare embedded below.

Team Bo Peep: Justin Bieber and p0rn
Team Ewe: Gangs and Gangnam
Team Feta: A Field Guide to Tweeter Types
Team Ram: Using Argentine Racing Sheep as a Peri-Urban Transport System
Team Wool: Hipsters and Lattes
Team Mutton: Exploring the Spacio-cultural dimensions of Furries


  1. We collected all geocoded Tweets in LA county from June 2012 to April 2013 using the DOLLY system.
  2. Keyword topics included a range of cultural, political and activity based indicators within the tweet text.  
    • The full list of terms included "Beer", "wine", "marijuana", "beer pong", "Zombies", "hipster", "traffic", "accident", "surf* AND !web", "beach", "AK47 OR AK-47 OR "AK 47", "AR15 OR AR-15 OR "AR 15", "shooting*", "happy", "sad", "scared", "ghetto", "danger", "korean taco", "foodtruck OR "food truck", "sushi", "burrito", "latte", "hollywood", "celebrity", "actor* OR actress*", "movie star", "screenwriter OR "screen writer", "broken dream", "beiber", "Lindsay Lohan", "Matthew McConaughey", "hippie*", "yoga", "vegan", "organic", "earthquake", "porn or p0rn", "sunny", "the 405", "gangs", "bloods", "crips", "bloods AND !crips", "crips AND !bloods", 
  3. Everyone got the same data and was allowed one special data pull as their “secret sauce”.


  • Sheep come in herds, so work in your group.
  • Come up with an entertaining or interesting question, And answer it with a geo-visualization.
  • Ask a question that will help us save the world. And answer it with a geo-visualization.
  • Bonus point for the gratuitous use of sheep.
  • A series of visualizations would be great.
  • 60 second lightning presentation of your visualizations.
  • Prizes will be award by voting

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