April 09, 2013

Details for IronSheep 2013 - TOMORROW!! - Wednesday April 10

IronSheep Map Hack Fest 2013 (aka Escape from L.A.)is all set and ready to go!  Unfortunately given space constraints of the venue, only folks who pre-registered will be able to participate. If you can't remember if you registered email Matt.

There will be lots prizes including Makey Makey Kits, Hip Flasks with Maps on Them, Maps with Hip Flasks on them, sheep stickers, tattoos and of course the much sought after trophies.

Date: Wednesday April 10, 2013
Time: 5 pm to 9 pm
Location: LARTA (an non-profit innovation hub working with the Southern California tech community) located at 606 S. Olive Street, Suite 650, Los Angeles (a 10 minute walk from the AAG hotels)

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Bring: your laptop, software, friends, lovers, geographers, programmers, geo-geeks, ewes, rams and lambs
Don't bring: wolves, Chupacabra or mint sauce as we learned last year they are hazardous (or offensive) to sheep.

We will provide food, beverages, data, internet, prizes and sparkling commentary.

How to Win--suggestions from the first season of Iron Sheep

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