October 18, 2012

Where are all of the "binders full of women"?

Like Mitt Romney in Tuesday night's debate, we were wondering, where are the "binders full of women" applying to work at FloatingSheep?

So, in typical FloatingSheep style, we found a very talented woman to make a map.  Montse Compa, the Humboldt State University student that produced a map of Big Bird tweets during the last presidential debate, helped us answer this question:

So, despite the many memes devoted to binders full of women and the news coverage of these "viral" memes, there are no women actually in binders. Women live in the material world. But just as Mitt Romney is able to represent women as being in binders, there are plenty of women (and people who like women) on Twitter producing counter-representations, as UK Geography grad student Ryan Cooper discovered with this map of tweets referencing the latest presidential debate screw-up.


  1. What does a "binder full of women" mean and why are so many people freakin about this phrase?

  2. Back in 2009, Obama had a binder full of Muslims:

    Obama and Muslim Americans: Resumes forwarded to White House...

    "In a bid to get more Muslim Americans working in the Obama administration, a book with resumes of 45 of the nation's most qualified -- ... -- has been submitted to the White House.

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