September 05, 2012

When Google Maps Fails

With the start of the new semester we've not been posting as much but this shall change.  We've got some fun maps in the works.  Until then, we wanted to share this fun example of a Google Maps fail. Earlier we post an example of how the University of Kentucky was relabeled as Transylvania University.

Now apparently, Bally's Casino and Resort is inconspicuously tucked behind a Wal-Mart on the edge of Lexington, KY.  Who knew what lurked in the back alleys of a strip mall?  Thanks to Patrick Bigger who brought this to our attention.

Now we know why Google posts the disclaimer that "These directions are for planning purposes only"!!

Static ScreenShot

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  1. I guess they're still working toward Ground Truth:

    It turns out, the physical world is more difficult to consistently index than the digital one :)


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