June 18, 2012

SheepCamp 2012 Post-Mortem

Now that the Inaugural Workshop on Big and User-Generated Geographic Data (aka SheepCamp) has officially wrapped up, we'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who made it to Lexington this past weekend to teach each other, learn from each other and begin forming some lasting collaborative relationships.

For those of you who did NOT make it to Lexington, we'll be reflecting and rehashing many of these discussions as part of our bi-weekly Twitter chats, organized by Alan McConchie under the hashtag #geowebchat (http://mappingmashups.net/geowebchat) on Tuesday at 3pm EST. Twitter conversations from earlier this weekend are grouped together under the Twitter hashtag #sheepcamp.  Also, a semi-permanent pdf version of the tweets from the weekend.

There was lots of good and serious discussion over the weekend working on a research agenda for the geoweb, a repository of tools for collecting and analyzing big and user-generated geographic data, planning for an AAG symposium and possible grants.  But we were also sure to keep tongue firmly in cheek (as is the fashion of the Floatingsheep crew). This includes trying our hand at memes (see above and below), as well as taking a stab at more mainstream book publishing (from Monica's lightning talk):  

We'll be posting  videos and slides of willing participants from the weekend's lightning talks in the coming weeks. Otherwise, we hope everyone enjoys the spatially and temporally distanciated experience of SheepCamp, and that maybe you'll all be able to join us at future iterations. If not sooner, see you all in L.A.!

The Last Night of SheepCamp, Taking a break


  1. Well, can we get the blank for Advice Sheep? ;)

    1. The generator? Here:
      and here:


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