March 07, 2012

Where in the world are Floating Sheep stickers?

Anyone who attended the AAG in New York this year was likely inundated by Floating Sheep stickers. We had thousands of them and were NOT shy in passing them out. Indeed, many an attendee might now be wondering where exactly the sticker discovered in their bag came from. Perhaps they are even reading this post.

Therefore we issue the challenge to new and old readers to send in photos of sightings -- including ones you put up yourself -- of the floatingsheep sticker [1].

Need stickers? Send me your address and I'll mail some out (zook [at] uky [dot] edu). Need motivation? I think we still have an floatingsheep ornament kicking around, which we'll award to some one.

Be sure to come to the next AAG, there are rumors that temporary tattoos will be making an appearance. Anyone showing up with a permanent floating sheep tattoo will likely never have to buy their own drinks.

[1] For example, we found (by which I mean we placed) a sticker on a very extensive (i.e., crazy) rant on 57th street in Manhattan. A day later, the sticker had been removed, apparently the side commentary was not appreciated.

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