February 15, 2012

IronSheep - Last Chance to Register

We have had a strong response for the IronSheep event on Sunday February 26th with a wide range of crowdsourced data offered by registrants (see below). Given that we've met our goal for a good cross-section of data, we're loosening the original requirement that "each participants contributes a dataset that is not commonly available". If you are interested we do ask that you bring something that could contribute to the lightning mapping exercise (mapping, design, programming, statistical analysis, banjo playing, etc). We'd rather not limit things but the physical space for the event is finite, so this is first come, first served.

If you'd like to attend (and have not registered) please contact Matt (zook@uky.edu) ASAP .

More details about logistics will be emailed out later. The main things are location (Pivotal Labs located at 841 Broadway, Eighth Floor, New York City); date/time (Sunday, February 26, 5pm to 9 pm)

Representative Datasets (as of 2/15/2012)
  • Crowdsourced frequency of Pop/Soda/Coke use by points, zip code and city.
  • Amount of data indexed within Google Maps by census track (NYC) and zip (US) for a range of search terms
  • UFO sightings
  • Bikeshare useage
  • Global ecoregion boundaries
  • Teenage pregnancy rates (New York state)
  • Hometowns of NFL players
  • U.S. political districts
  • Flickr photos with keyword hippie, hipster, and redneck
  • Number of geocoded tweets by census track (NYC) and county (US)
  • GeoCommons has tons of datasets that can be tapped at the event

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