December 29, 2011

A few final holiday maps (that is if you consider zombies festive)

As part of the Floatingsheep quest to determine the mythological and ecclesiastical contours of the Web (and of course protect all of humankind from the impending zombie apocalypse), we present a final few maps for your enlightenment before the new year.

Wishing everyone a happy new year!
We were a bit worried about North Carolina (and wonder if the Charlie Daniels band picked the wrong state) until we remembered Kill Devil Hills is the likely reason for this cluster.

Devil vs. Jesus
Similar results can be found in the map of Santa vs. Devil.

Devil vs. Santa
Given our earlier concern about the Zombie-Satan alliance we thought it would be worthwhile to see what the fault lines might be if the two sides had a falling out. Plus since we've been a bit overly U.S. centric, we thought a change of location was in order. The good news is that the U.K. seems generally safe from Satan but the bad news is that London is seemingly overrun with zombies...which explains a lot about my last visit.

Satan vs. Zombies


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  1. North Carolina is also home to the Duke Blue Devils, which is probably more likely a topic of conversation than Kill Devil Hills, especially since this is the start of basketball season.


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