September 12, 2011

Hiring part-time Oxford/London-based research assistant to collect and analyse Twitter data

One of the Floatinsheep collective (Mark) is now accepting applications for a part-time Research Assistant to work on a new project to be based in Oxford: Using the Social Web to Map and Measure Online Cultural Diffusion.

Using data collected from Twitter, the project aims to uncover: (1) where Internet content is being created; (2) whether the amount of content created in different places is changing over time; and (3) how content moves across time and space in the Social Web.

If you have experience writing code to collect/scape online data (especially from Twitter) then please consider applying for the post. Other useful skills include the ability to statistically analyse and geographically visualise data and disseminate academic work.

The position starts in early October and runs for eight months at 0.3 FTE (one and a half days a week) (although there could be a certain amount of flexibility in start dates and working hours).

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Otherwise, make sure to get your application submitted before Sept. 29. The full link to apply can be found here.

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