August 05, 2011

Bon Voyage Taylor

The Floating Sheep Collective wishes a fond bon voyage as one of our own moves on to the next stage of his career... studying for a Ph.D. at Clark University. We hear that this is an up and coming program with one or two promising faculty members... ;-)

We take solace in the fact that there is this nifty new technology called the "intertubes" that allows people to exchange information across great distance [1]. It sounds very intriguing and we looked forward to powering up our 1200 baud modem so we can try it out. We expect this will ensure that Taylor's cutting and pithy commentary will continue to grace these pages.

So even as Taylor's physical residence shifts, Floating Sheep will remain his digital hangout...his virtual pasture in the tubes.

[1] We also take solace in the fact that we have such a jazzy picture of him to share with the world. Please note the tie...available for purchase at our gift shop.

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