May 19, 2011

Geoweb Density in Israel and Palestine

With the ending of the Spring semester, the Floating Sheep collective is shifting gears for the summer as we attend conferences and engage in fieldwork. Monica is off to Florence, Italy and Paris, France, Mark is heading to Kenya, Matt has a trip to Seoul and Taylor will be going to Worcester, MA. Guess who drew the short straw? :-)

We're also working on completing a number of papers and projects which we'll be highlighting here. One project works on linguistic dimension of the geoweb and user generated content and involves a high resolution examination of differences in language uses specific places. One of our case studies is Israel and Palestine and will analyze the differences in availability of content in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

An initial look at the map is compelling. A preliminary version above shows the locations with at least one result, found using a fine grid of search locations within Google Maps. Note the much smaller number of hits within the West Bank, as compared to the neighboring regions of Israel. More to come as we work through this project...

Note: Our search was limited to the territories of Israel and Palestine as well as a border region surrounding them. This is why there are some grid points in Jordon, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. But because the search did NOT include the entirety of these countries, interpret with care. This is a preliminary map.

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  1. Wow--that's fascinating, and probably very telling about the environment.


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