April 06, 2011

Kind of Creepy

You have to love a software program called Creepy. It is even better if its purpose is to highlight the ability to aggregate someone's location information based on their tweets and Flickr photo uploads.

The goal of its creator Yiannis Kakavas is to both raise people's awareness about how much information they are giving out and provide researchers with a nifty tool.

We downloaded the application and played around with a bit but the results were a bit disappointing. Our twitter ID, Floating_sheep had no geographic references (which incidentally was a conscious choice on Taylor's part) and the other twitter IDs we tried didn't have much geo-information either. We never ran it on Flickr data but suspect that the geo-information would be a lot richer.

In any case, give it a try and don't forget to invest in tin foil futures.

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