March 04, 2011

24 Hours of Twitter

Building on our previous post about Twitter profanity, we recently found Chris McDowall's brilliant visualisation of 24 hours of tweets:

The geographic concentration of information production through the Twitter platform is to be expected (i.e. Western Europe and the US coasts glowing brightly, and Africa largely left out of these processes), but amazing to watch in action nonetheless.

As Chris points out, we can see Indonesia (particularly Java) producing an unexpected amount of content. Well, at least unexpected until we realise that Twitter is enormously popular in Indonesia. The country apparently has world's highest proportion of internet-users on Twitter.

You can read Chris' full post here.


  1. Awesome. I'm a huge fan of Chris' work... Have you seen his DIY audio-visual map annotator? Using a Wii remote and a projector... Yeah, I can't find it online at this moment...

  2. Yeah. Awesome. I was unaware of this fact, before: Twitter is enormously popular in Indonesia. &that to with low internet penetration. &what's even more amaing: "Most people use their mobile phones to access the web."


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