February 14, 2011

Autocomplete Part II: Crowdsourcing the Geography of Autocomplete

We encourage all of you to help us continue to flesh out our Autocomplete map of the world by contributing your own search results using Autocomplete. If you follow the link you will find an open spreadsheet to record the results. But before you do, please follow the steps below to make sure that your results are not being affected by your own search patterns.

It's important that your searches not be tailored to you as an individual, but be reflective of your general location, the time at which you searched and Google's suggested search results. In order to control for these factors (and a whole host of others), please follow these directions if you want to contribute:

  • Be sure to be signed out of your Google Account while you search on Google. If you are signed in to your Google Account, your search experience may be customized based on your own personal past searches (which would no doubt be fascinating to your friends and family) but is NOT what we're after. Learn how to turn off these customizations.
  • Remove particular searches from your Web History at www.google.com/history, or by clicking the "Remove" links that appear beside personalized predictions.
  • Remove Web History from your Google Account.
  • Type the country name without a space at the end. If you're curious, compare how "Australia" and "Australia " (notice the space) give different results.
  • Copy the FIRST search term that comes up in to the online spreadsheet.
  • There are 250 or so countries names in total. If you can't do all of those, we've prioritized the top 150 for you to complete.
  • We're primarily interested in people outside of the US and the UK but we'll take anyone's help, no matter where they are. Also we're limiting ourselves to the English name of countries for now.
Good luck!

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  1. I am very sad that my first autocomplete for Slovakia was "slovakia house ithaca", since the restaurant is a greek one named Souvlaki House.


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