January 26, 2011

FloatingSheep in the Classroom

The University of Kentucky is currently revamping its general education requirements and as part of this, we have developed a new course, i.e., "iWorlds: Global Information Geographies". It covers a broad overview of information technology related issues but is particularly focused on the ways that technologies are helping to transform places and our use of location. It should come as no surprise that we're taking many of the ideas and research that we've developed here and taking them into the classroom. Hopefully with good results.

In any case, the course was unusual enough that it has been featured in the University of Kentucky student newspaper.

If any one would care to see the syllabus, shoot me an email. I'm also very open for suggestions for topics/approaches for future versions of this course and/or other classes in a similar vein.

UPDATE: A story about the class also appeared in UK Know.

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