April 23, 2010

New York Yankees and Real Madrid

Today brings another look at the geography of interest in sports teams as represented in Google Maps. Note the concentration of references to the New York Yankees in New England. While it might seem strange that there are so many in Boston (home of the Red Sox), it is important to remember that we are simply counting any references to the keyword in question, including negative ones (which surely exist in abundance in Massachusetts).

References to the New York Yankees
And for the rest of the world, we offer a map of references to Real Madrid (a football/soccer team for the unenlightened, NOT some kind of MTV reality show). Apparently they are very popular in the U.A.E. and Spain (although the latter comes as little surprise).

References to Real Madrid

Sometimes it is best (and easiest) to simply let the maps speak for themselves....so that's it.


  1. Glad to see Chicago is the lone metropolis without any sort of affinity for the damn Yankees. Go Cubbies


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