Taylor Shelton

Taylor Shelton is currently a PhD candidate in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, working on his dissertation from afar while living and working in Lexington, Kentucky. A lifelong Kentuckian, he earned B.A. and M.A. degrees from the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Zook.

Taylor is a broadly-trained human geographer with interests in geographic thought and methodology, especially around the use of geotagged social media data for geographical research, and the broader implications of these new forms of data for the ways we understand and intervene in the world around us.

When not making some of the maps and pithy comments that you can find here at Floatingsheep, Taylor can otherwise be found being thankful to be back in Kentucky or finding new ways to waste time in front of a computer screen. If for some unforeseeable reason you feel the need to contact him, Taylor can be reached via email at johntaylorshelton [at] gmail [dot] com.