February 11, 2015

IronSheep 2015. Be there! Or be an Iguana!

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting IronSheep 2015 at TechNexus[1] in Chicago, Illinois on April 23 from 6-9:30pm. This is right in the middle of the AAG meetings so a great chance to get your sheep on during an academic conference.

If you are wondering "What is IronSheep?", the short answer is that it is our annual hackathon/mapathon modeled after the TV show IronChef (or project runway). Everyone gets the same set of data and competes to make the best map in a limited amount of time. And William Shatner will judge your map!!  Ok, the last bit is not true but we're working on it.

You'll be assigned a team with members who have a range of skills and all teams will have a mission to complete with common data.  

The best product at the end will win an award. The worst product at the end will win an award. Ok, almost everyone will win an award. We're just nice that way.

Anyone can join in the fun but we do ask that folks register for the event here:  http://goo.gl/forms/FMqxD6XFpv

There are also many AAG sessions relevant to our IronSheep event including a couple of "Future of Mapping" panels right before. We'll let you know in an upcoming post about those.

Check out our previous IronSheep events:

2012 at Pivotal Labs in New York
2013 at LARTA in Los Angeles
2014 at the Wave in Tampa Bay

[1] A big thank you to TechNexus who is sponsoring IronSheep by providing a space with wifi and breakout rooms.  We'll provide dinner and stickers, and you bring your laptop and your sheep (aka labor).

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