February 20, 2012

Floatingsheep at the AAG in NYC

With the Annual Meetings of the AAG hastily upon us (are we alone in having our internal clock totally thrown off because of the February meeting?), we wanted to save everyone the work of finding us in the hefty printed conference schedule and share what sessions we'll be participating in throughout the week. While this list includes only those sessions that four of us will be formally participating in, there are countless others on that we'll certainly be attending as well. If you see us around the conference, come say hello!

Thursday, February 23rd
Development Geographies Specialty Group Pre-Conference
Mark will be presenting a short paper entitled "Uneven Geographies of Knowledge: The Internet and the Need for Broader Participation" as one of "7 Pleas to Policymakers" at the Development Geographies Pre-conference.

Friday, February 24th
Theorizing the Geoweb II
Monica will be presenting a paper, co-authored with Antonella Rondinone, entitled "Gendering the GeoWeb: Analysing demographic difference in user generated geographic information". This session is organized by friend of the sheep Matt Wilson, and has a counterpart session immediately before, as well.

Applications of the GeoWeb: utilizing user-generated content for geographic research
Monica organized this session with Antonella, and Taylor will be presenting the paper "The Technology of Religion: Mapping Religious Cyberscapes", co-authored with Matt and Mark and forthcoming in The Professional Geographer next year.

Saturday, February 25th
Information Geographies: Online Power, Representation and Voice
Matt and Mark organized this paper session, where they'll also be presenting some of our research on language in the geoweb with the paper "Augmented realities and uneven geographies: exploring the geolinguistic contours of the web". Muki Haklay of UCL and fellow friend of the sheep Jeremy Crampton from UK will also be presenting in this session.

Sunday, February 26th
You ought to know about this by now. We'll all be heading straight from this event to the Kentucky-Arizona Wildcat Party. If you can't make it out to IronSheep, we hope to see you at the party.

Monday, February 27th
Mapping Cyberspace and Social Networks III
Monica will be a discussant for this session featuring a variety of papers exploring methods for quantifying and mapping data from online social networks.

Tuesday, February 28th
IronSheep: an open session dedicated to lightning mapping and and understanding VGI in the "wild"
After a day of digesting IronSheep goodness, we'll reconvene in an open panel on Tuesday morning to discuss what happened and what we can learn from it.

Volunteered Geographic Information: Does it have a future?
Matt will be on this provocatively-named panel, organized by Sarah Elwood, Dan Sui and Michael Goodchild, looking at the big picture of research on VGI and what directions it might take in the future. Other panelists include Paul Longley of UCL and Nadine Schuurman of Simon Fraser.

**In a quasi-homage to our frequent object of study, Google, do note the special banner at the top of the blog that we have created for our collective visit to New York City.