December 05, 2011

Malamanteau and the Floatingsheep tribute to Wikipedia

Despite the fact that FloatingSheep does not exist on Wikipedia, we love the project. And as a testament to our love for the encyclopedia, we wanted to put together a list of our favourite articles. What emerged is that we don't just like geography-related info, such as the article on places with fewer than 10 residents or Bir Tawil (one of the few places on Earth not claimed by any country), but also more, er, esoteric subjects.

Here's our list. Bonus points to anyone that can combine them all into a poem.
Global Orgasm
Infinite Monkey Theorem
Accessory breast
and, last but not least, the Enumclaw horse sex case.

We promise many many maps of Wikipedia soon (none of which will unfortunately involve any of these terms).


  1. FYI - Malamanteau was deleted due to this article at BBC -

    Some other articles are suspected of inaccuracies -

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