October 31, 2013

One more CFP for AAG 2013

And here is one more call for papers for the Association of American Geographers meeting in Tampa, FL.  

Alternative Computation and Unconventional Spaces

Newly emergent features of the computational turn (e.g., Berry 2011)
posit new challenges for geographers practicing computer-mediated
research.  While geographers maintain a strong relationship with
geographic information systems, new technologies, hardware, and
practices suggest exciting new avenues for computational research.
Geographic “big data” demand new, computationally intensive approaches
to geospatial analysis.  Textual artifacts from social media sources
augment traditional geospatial inquiry, but also serve as data for
non-GIS computational work such as natural language processing, topic
modeling, or social media analysis.  These provocative treatments
suggest ways in which information can be geographic, yet not
necessarily require explicit Cartesian expression. Results of such
analyses have determined uneven distributions of data, and limits to
the representational abilities of GIS.

We’re excited to push beyond traditional GIS techniques to explore
other ways in which our digital beings are expressed through space and
place.  This session welcomes both empirical and theoretical work that
advances computer-mediated research in novel ways.

We welcome papers on the following topics (or any closely related):

1)  Digital humanities-inspired inquiry for Geography

2)  Alternative methodologies for the digitally underrepresented

3)  Novel geospatial and other computer-mediated approaches to “big
data” analyses

4)  Non-Cartesian geographic information and its analyses

5)  Computer-mediated research located in underrepresented spaces
(rural areas, impoverished places, etc.)

6)  Geographic natural language processing, topic modeling, or other
textual analysis

7)  Relational spaces of Social Network Analysis

Please send related abstracts to Joe Eckert (jeckert1@uw.edu) and
Monica Stephens (monica.stephens@humboldt.edu).

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