July 23, 2012


We'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled blog reading to announce that sometime early in the dayWe realize this doesn't quite put us on par with Google or Facebook, but we're still trying to get to grips with what this means.

The same number of people would have visited our blog as:
-- 0.017% of the world's population
-- 0.044% of the world's online population (i.e., 1 in every ~2000 Internet users)
-- 3x the population of Iceland
-- 11x the capacity of Wembley stadium
-- 2,100x the capacity of a Boeing 747
-- approximately 500,000x the number of people who read an average academic article

All kidding aside, thanks to everyone who has supported our blog over the past three years. We couldn't have gotten here without all of you, especially those single individuals who visited our blog from Benin, Christmas Island, Kiribati, Liberia, the Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Niger and Vanuatu. The eight of you, wherever you may be right now, are probably the ones who put us over the hump.

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