November 07, 2011

Where are visitors to Floating Sheep coming from?

Recently we were wondering about our own user generated geographies and took a look at Google Analytics to see some stats on our visitors. We were hoping to download and geocode/map IP addresses but Analytics doesn't seem to keep that. So instead here are some of the maps (which annoyingly use the Mercator projection) that were available.

First, we've had visits from 201 countries/territories. If anyone knows someone in Turkmenistan, Western Sahara, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Niger, Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, or Suriname please pass the link along. We'll take care of getting our long time nemesis Kim Jong Il of North Korea to look at us.

Dropping down to the city level, we note that we've had visitors from over 19,000 different cities. The top cities are (1) New York, (2) London, (3) Chicago, (4) San Francisco, (5) Washington, (6) Lexington, (7) Madison, (8) Seattle, (9) Los Angeles, (10) Minneapolis, (11) Sydney, (12) Portland, (13) Oxford, (14) Austin, (15) Denver, (16) Milwaukee, (17) Dallas, (18) Houston, (19) Atlanta, (20) Melbourne, (21) Philadelphia, (22) San Diego, (23) London, (24) Singapore, (25) Tucson, (26) Paris, (27) Toronto, (28) Berlin, (29) Cambridge and (30) Moscow.

But enough navel gazing...we'll get back to our regular maps next post.

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  1. Try Statcounter Mark. Its free for basic use and better evolved and more informative than Google Analytics. Its also stable and most important Irish-developed!


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