April 07, 2011

New GIS Faculty at the University of Kentucky

We are quite excited to be able to announce the news that the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky (the North American headquarters of FloatingSheep) is welcoming two new faculty members (Dr. Jeremy Crampton and Dr. Matt Wilson) who do fantastic work in cartography, GIS and user generated geo-data.

Dr. Crampton's research has centered on understanding the role of GIS and maps as technologies of government in the production of identity (often race-based) and has developed several online GIS projects involving mapping of local communities in Atlanta.

Dr. Jeremy Crampton

Dr. Wilson's research activities are in the GIS & Society tradition, with a focus on the social implications of geographic information systems and the development and evaluation of Internet-based mapping solutions for community-based research.

Dr. Matt Wilson

Their combined presence will be a wonderful addition to the Kentucky department. We're going to have some fun!

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