July 30, 2012

Sheep Droppings: 7/16-7/29

After a week's hiatus, we're back with another - albeit shorter - Sheep Droppings for those needing to scratch the itch of geoweb news.

First, for those looking to publish, the journal Computers, Environment and Urban Systems has a CFP out for a special issue on geospatial analysis of VGI. Paper submissions aren't due until December, so you've got plenty of time to whip that manuscript into shape. 

Speaking of publications, an interesting-looking paper by Andre Oboler, Kristopher Welsh, Lito Cruz entitled, "The danger of big data: Social media as computational social science" snuck by us in the July issue of First Monday. And it also looks like Barney Warf has a shorter-ish book on internet geography coming out sometime soon from Springer. 

For those readers in the UK seeking out the £££, the ESRC has a Google-sponsored workshop and grant CFP out related to applications of big data for social science research.

There's also an opportunity for folks interested in studying in Germany, where there are a handful of PhD studentships at Heidelberg University in spatio-temporal analysis of user-generated content

In the interesting-maps-from-around-the-web department, Mark has a new map up comparing the prevalence of different predominantly-Middle Eastern languages in Wikipedia

We also stumbled across this video from some folks at MIT promoting a new toolbox for urban network analysis for ArcGIS... While the tool itself seems pretty interesting, the futuristic projections of urban augmented reality are really what makes it most interesting.

Urban Network Analysis from City Form Lab on Vimeo.

We also came across a new (?) attempt at mapping the internet -- focusing on website traffic, but clustering the sites based on nationality and language.

In one final bit of more specifically Sheep-related news, we'd like to again congratulate Monica on her successful dissertation defense last week, and wish her well as she begins a new job at Humboldt State University in California, coincidentally the center of U.S. marijuana production, as confirmed by the Price of Weed map that Monica made. Don't worry, though, she's not leaving us, per se, just moving on to greener (ahem) pastures.

Until next time, sheeple!

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