May 21, 2012

The FloatingSheep meets Montana: The Epilogue

The epilogue to the photo essay documenting the adventures of the FloatingSheep (sticker) in Missoula, MT courtesy of Chris Van Dyke.

Of the following photo, the author notes, "I have to give credit for this idea to the FloatingSheep, who thought the juxtaposition of my shadow, his existence, and the river made for an artistic statement that was only slightly preposterous. Indeed, notice that the FloatingSheep has no discernible shadow – an ontological paradox or a deeper statement about the liminal and spectral quality of the lives we lead."
Fieldwork must really get sure to catch the entire presentation below.


  1. That must be a business card you are holding. I must make something similar for my blog too!

  2. The Floating Sheep recreating Eggleston photos, he's takin it to the next level there :)


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