April 02, 2012

Floating Sheep Sticker Bingo

Here is an initial sampling of sticker pictures from around the world, we hope to see many, many more. So please send your pictures in, we'll post all that we get. And to make things a little more interesting we propose that readers play a little FloatingSheep BingoRules:- Standard bingo rules apply, first person to connect five spaces in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) wins.- Only pictures posted at the website count but that means as soon as they post, everyone can use them.- The first person to email in an appropriate photo gets credit for that square.- The person with the most credits for the squares making up the winning connection is the winner and will receive a floating sheep ornament for all their holiday decorating needs.- If no one actually plays, we'll just award the ornament to our favorite photo.Need some stickers? Send me your address and I'll mail some out (zook [at] uky [dot] edu).
Sticker on a 3 year old, Minneapolis, MN(Note: no three year old's were harmed in the process of sticking.)
University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information
Science and Earth Observation (ITC)
(this counts for the university bingo square)Freud + Floatingsheep
Over Area51
Beauty and the Sheep

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