March 30, 2012

IronSheep 2012: Team Rambouillet and the Flashy, Blingy Map

Continuing our series of posts from the participants in Iron Sheep 2012 (see maps by Team Lamb Chops here and Team Lamb Kebab here), we present the work of Team Rambouillet. Sadly, we don't actually have the flashy, blingy map to present, just a picture of Jim presenting it.
Team Rambouillet focused (for lack of a better description of our laser like intensity) on crafting a fun and flashy presentation of the data. We were all intrigued by the UFO sighting maps (because aliens are cool) and our professional talents lent themselves to 3D presentations and animations.

Working in pairs, two members focused on finding and processing data, while the other two worked on animation and presentation of the data. The result was an animated zoom onto a kernel density map with an embedded multimedia video. Sadly it really wasn't an answer on how to save the world (as we did not have time for much serious analysis) but it was flashy (dare I say Bling?) and silly which were the goals we had for the time limit. And we had a lot of fun doing it.

Jim Thatcher presenting the Flashy Flash Map

Team Rambouillet: Janine Glathar, Stéphane Roche, Jim Thatcher, Sarah Williams

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