June 18, 2012

Announcing geoweb-r: a new listserv for geoweb researchers

Of the many great products of this past weekend's Workshop on Big and User-Generated Geographic Data was Alan McConchie's idea for a new discussion forum for academic researchers working on topics related to the weekend's event, geoweb-r. Alan's introduction to this list is as follows:
"geoweb-r" is a new email list for researchers who work at the intersection of spatial data and social media (what we call the geospatial web or geoweb). The list will provide a forum for critical discussion and announcements related to the geospatial web, "Volunteered Geographic Information", crowdsourced cartography, and similar topics. We intend to use this list for the usual CFPs, job postings, etc.
You can subscribe to the list here:  Please post early and often.

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