May 14, 2012

Mapping Wikipedia edits from Europe

Time for a few more maps from our database of Wikipedia edits (which tells us how many contributions to the encyclopedia originate in each country). In the maps of Europe below, the height of each country represents the number of edits originating in that place. The shading indicated the number of edits per Internet user (darker reds meaning higher per capita participation). 

We see that the majority of edits in Europe come from Germany, the UK, France and Italy. Other countries in Europe contribute far less to Wikipedia.

Interestingly though, Germany and UK have fairly low participation rates when normalised by Internet population. Internet users in Italy, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, and even Ukraine are more likely to make an edit to Wikipedia than their British or German counterparts.

Also notable are the relatively low (total and relative) participation rates from Portugal and Poland.


  1. Edits to or to any wiki like e.g.

  2. These are edits to all wikipedias.


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