March 22, 2012

IronSheep 2012: Team Lamb Kebab's Lunchpocalypse

Team Lamb Kebab is the proud winner of the Worst Map (but in a good way) - "Sheep Happens" trophy at Iron Sheep 2012. They likely could have swept all the awards, except for the fact that they actually took the stopping time seriously (unlike certain teams we could mention) and as a result didn't fine tune their maps - especially the online and interactive one. It was the event's loss, but on the plus side, Team Lamb Kebab ended up with more pizza.

Luckily we now have the opportunity to set things right by posting both the static and web versions of the maps.


The humans are gone. Long past is the zombie apocalypse. No human brains remain for feasting. So what is a hungry zombie to do but seek out sheep brains, according to the dietary preferences they might have once held as a living hipster in Williamsburg? Lunchtime finds discerning zombies wandering the five boroughs in search of organic sheep brains...

The Lunchpocalypse tool is meant to aid the enterprising zombie restaurateur in locating and exploiting key demographic clusters of organic-preferring zombie consumers. Simply plug in a NYC address, and you'll be able to see what the local preference is, leveraging a geodemographic segmentation analysis of the frequency of internet searches of the words "zombie" and "organic". Maximize your zombie profit and shuffle along with your organic herd to where the customers are! Because the dead are damn hungry!"

Click here for a truly amazing interactive map for the zombie on the hunt for lunch.

(green indicates the likely location of organic sheep brains)

Team Lamb Kebab: Craig Dalton, Jason Farman, Bill Morris, Eric Wolf

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  1. Why isn't Staten Island represented? No organic restaurants?


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