October 22, 2010

Mapping the Tea Party Movement Online

Since Sarah Palin was recently talking about our blog on cable news shows, we decided it was only fair to map out her so-called tea-party movement.

It is interesting that the West Coast and the northeast of the country have some of the highest relative and total hits for the tea party. Perhaps this refudiates the claim that these are less pro-America parts of the nation. Or, depending upon your point of view, it may confirm that the coasts are out to destroy the country.

Also the patterns we see in the above slice of cyberscape, represented by data drawn from Google Maps, is matched by another slice of cyberscape drawn from Twitter. A presentation by Pete Skomoroch, Kevin Weil, and Sean Gorman shows the distribution of tweets with the term tea party. It shows Lady Gaga, as well, if you're curious (check out slide 68).

We should also point out that just because you can't see Russia on these maps is no reason to misunderestimate them. There's also a distinct possibility that we're missing out on a whole slew of geotagged data due to the misspelling of fairly simple words.


  1. Actually the story you linked, about misspelling words was not O'Donnell's site.

    But that's okay, as a liberal, I wouldn't expect you to check facts or anything...

    (Also since we're nitpicking typos, you spell Tea Party as "tea-party" and "tea party". Please pick one. Guess the spell checker doesn't catch that one, eh?)

  2. Slam dunk, "Hired Mind"! We love reading a good spanking.

  3. Sounds like someone's got their panties in a bunch!

  4. It's a measure of who talks about the tea party, not who supports it. Thank God.

  5. @ Hired Mind: Well actually, you might, want to, take a look, at your, own, punctuation, yourself,.

    @ Frank and Bella: I bet you do. ;-)

  6. @anon: typical liberal. Ignore facts, nitpick about punctuation.


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