March 19, 2010

T-shirts, Ties and Beer Steins!

It has been a busy week including some great coverage in the New York Times, the Atlantic Magazine, Chicago Sun Times and of course Strange Maps.

We've also gone over the 1000 mark in terms of followers in blogger. We also have a couple of hundred folks getting our tweets. And a few dozen following us via zuurki* feeds.

And we're quite appreciative of all the interest people have shown. Thank you.

To celebrate we've put together a collection of unlikely Floating Sheep consumer products. We may not have a name for our mascot** but we do have t-shirts. And a tie. And a beer stein with the Beer Belly map on it. Stuff which we have trouble imagining that anyone would actually want but through the magic*** of the Internet we are able to offer it to you via the

The FloatingSheep Cornucopia of Consumer Consumption

* A name and technology which we just made up. Not sure what it is or why people would want to use it but it probably involves laser beams. And sharks.

** So far were working with Lambert, Mutton, Plat, Geoid or Datum. More suggestions are welcome.

*** That is, the socially constructed and complex networks of technology, economy, culture, and practice that make up the Internet.


  1. I name floating sheep is kind of uncommon. I was wondering what it was about. Anyway the maps are interesting. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the entertaining way of presenting information of many types. I have inked to your page from my site, and on my blog here. keep up the good work.

    As for the name, I dunno. Ewe See ?

  3. Hee hee - I like "Lambert".


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