March 09, 2010

Guest Map: The Burger Force

The cyber-badger recently sent us this fascinating map of the "burger force" of fast-food restaurants in the US made by Stephen Von Worley.

Worley describes "burger force" as:

...a field of energy that radiates from every freshly-cooked patty, earth-penetrating and inverse-squared with distance, compelling the hungry carnivore to seek out and devour the well-done ground beef at the source.

Unlike all of the maps featured on this blog, the "burger force" map is not based on user-created content. It is rather based on the actual locations of businesses. For those interested in the data behind the map check out AggData. It should therefore be interesting to see how similar a map user-created content referencing the same terms will be. Or in other words, is the burger force of McDonald's as strong in cyberscapes as it is throughout most of the US?

Good thing we are currently running searches on "colonel sanders" and "ronald mcdonald".


  1. There is something almost identical to this in believer magazine.

  2. Hmmm. I wonder if this map correlates to the obesity rate in these areas?

  3. Could somebody please explain the huge bluish blob to a non-American? Something about the culture of Texas, perhaps?

  4. Texas is basically it's own country, Zardoz. A lot of strange things happen there.


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