March 03, 2010

Floatingsheep's New Logo and Master Plan (?)

It is with great pride that we introduce our new mascot/logo for We're actively soliciting suggestions for its name (and for that matter its gender).

Why did we feel compelled to create a logo? We're glad you asked.

Being denizens of the 21st century, we realize that branding is key to the well-being of any organization. And even though floatingsheep hardly qualifies on that count, we have high hopes of someday becoming one of the most trusted names in obscure maps of Internet phenomenon. We're looking at YOU Atlas of Cyberspace! Our floating sheep will take on your cyberbadger anytime!

Plus we wanted to make some t-shirts.

Whatever the reason we are blog with a logo and a plan. Unfortunately the plan revolves largely about what we will have for lunch.

So we submit to you gentle readers, what should we do? T-shirts, coffee mugs, breakfast cereal....? We'll stop there as the possible branding opportunities are making us a bit dizzy. We don't really expect anyone to buy these things (besides us and maybe our moms) but like the idea of their existence, even if but in cyberspace.

Also, are there any student readers who are currently in a marketing/business class in need of a semester project? Art students looking to apply a floating sheep brand in interesting ways? Social theorists looking to critique the hell out of this dubious enterprise?

We offer unlimited opportunity but alas severely limited financial gains as in nothing (or perhaps a floating sheep t-shirt when they come into existence).

Sounds like a great deal? Yes? Yes?.....hello, anyone there?

Interested parties please email us at zook [at) uky dot edu

p.s. And also for no particular reason, we offer a video of political ad from California about the upcoming gubernatorial primary which features a Demon Sheep (go to about 2:20) that some of the Floating Sheep Collective think looks like our new mascot. Others, however, point out that linking our new brand with the spawn of Satan would likely NOT be seen as a positive connection. But what do we know?


  1. I love the new logo. Please do offer t-shirts... Perhaps needs to host an AAG happy hour in DC?

  2. T-shirts to fund happy hour. Very good idea! :)

  3. hi,
    I'm Nolo from South Africa. Logo was a great idea!. i would totally wear the floating sheep to bed, followed by breakfast in it ( i.e PJ tank top?). Also, i think this is definately a guy coz every dopey looking animated character i've ever heard of is a

  4. I luv the sheepies! Bring 'em on!

  5. Love the logo. I do not believe I have ever seen such an irritated sheep in my life.

  6. Mutton is the only name that comes to mind - not very original, but he just looks pissed that his mom & dad ironically named him mutton. Love the idea of shirts. Even though I'm just a random, happenstance follower - I would wear it! - Would you provide root beer, chocolate milk or pina coladas at the happy hour?

  7. I have to say I am currently embroiled in a similar debate with my own blog and with myself. I think the mascot/logo is a brilliant idea and looks really good. A logo and more importantly a strong identity for your brand is a huge part of marketing, probably the biggest. I am taking marketing right now. Anyway, I think your heading in the right direction and I hope I can come up with something similar.

  8. Hi,

    I am from oxford. The log idea is great, but putting sheep when i sleep. hahahahahah. i think that frighten me or the children we I taking them to the toile.

    I wish the best for your logo, but that not for me.

    Best Regards
    Big Man

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  10. Thanks for all the feedback so far, suggestions, videos etc. Unfortunately the ability for t-shirt sales to fund a happy hour at the AAG is doubtful...maybe a happy minute?

  11. I would definitely buy a shirt to fund a minute; you may be able to work up to a full hour eventually. Please make some in actual women's sizes!

  12. Status update on branding initiative, please?

    No altruistic (e.g. happy hour) nor non-profit funding motive is necessary. Consider the Spirit of Free Enterprise, your legions of fans eagerly await!

    Might you consider FloatingSheep refrigerator magnets and coasters, preferably with a choice appropriate colors, red, blue etc for your future store?


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