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08.13.15 from CityLab
The Geography of America's Beer Preferences, According to Twitter

04.08.15 from Broken Sidewalk
Data scientists use Twitter to study Louisville's Ninth Street Divide

03.27.15 from FlowingData
Making better social media maps

03.26.15 from CityLab
Why Most Twitter Maps Can't Be Trusted

12.30.14 from Vox
35 maps and charts that explain alcohol

11.13.14 from The Washington Post's Know More Blog
Do you live in America's pumpkin spice latte belt?

10.24.14 from Slate
The United States of Reddit: How Social Media is Redrawing Our Borders

08.18.14 from FlowingData
Talking Ferguson on Twitter and localness

07.27.14 from
Après les Etats-Unis, la France est le deuxième pays où Chuck Norris est le plus populaire

06.09.14 from Vox
40 maps that explain food in America

06.02.14 from Vox
40 maps that explain the internet

05.30.14 from io9
A Map of Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores

05.29.14 from Deadspin
Do You Live Near More Bars, Or More Grocery Stores?

05.29.14 from FlowingData
Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores

05.13.14 from Barstool Sports
Chicago Is Officially The “Beer Belly Of America” (And Not Because We’re Fat, But We Are Still Fat Don’t Worry) 

05.09.14 from FastCo.Design
The Great Bro-ughnut Of New York City

05.07.14 from The Capital Times (Madison, WI)
Data show Wisconsin one of handful of states with more bars than grocery stores

05.07.14 from Vox
America's taste in beer, in five maps

05.06.14 from Business Insider
These Maps Made From Tweets Show Where NYC's Bankers, Hipsters, And Bros Hang Out

04.07.14 from Gizmodo
The Twitter-Popularity of Different Beers, Mapped

04.04.14 from LiveScience
Bud Light or Merlot? Twitter Maps Reveal Alcohol Choice by State

04.04.14 from the Pacific Standard
The Best Kind of Geography is Beer Geography

04.04.14 from Know More via The Washington Post's Wonkblog
Apparently people in Florida love Yuengling

04.04.14 from Brokelyn
Tweet-sourced map claims Corona is New York City’s favorite cheap beer

04.04.14 from FastCo.Design
Map: The Cheap Beers People Drink Across The U.S.

04.04.14 from the Malay Mail Online
'Beer map’ shows American brand preferences based on tweets

04.03.2014 from Popular Science
Geography Of Beer: How A Bubbly Brew Took Over The World

04.03.14 from Food Dive
Social media drinking reveals regional tastes

04.02.14 from the Escapist Magazine
Americans' Beer Preferences Are Mapped via Twitter

04.02.14 from redOrbit
Twitter Mapping Project Reveals Regional Preferences Of US Beer Drinkers

04.01.14 from the Daily Mail Online
The East Coast prefers Bud, while the West goes for Coors

11.06.13 from Slate
Why You Won't Find Tuvalu on a Map of the World's Internet Domain

09.23.13 from CNN
Is the Twitterverse the angriest place on the Internet?

09.20.13 from the Washington Post
Americans are tweeting about ‘Syria’ almost as much as ‘twerking’ – sometimes more

09.20.13 from InTheCapital
DC is the Only Place in the Country to Tweet More About Syria Than Twerking

09.18.13 from WIRED
Yes, We’ve Been Talking a Lot More About Twerking Than Syria on Twitter

08.11.13 from San Francisco Chronicle
Blame tweeters, not the platform

07.17.13 from Wired
Geotagged Tweets After Zimmerman Acquittal Show Southern Support for #JusticeForTrayvon

07.03.13 from Yahoo News
The hashtag filibuster

07.03.13 from
La Carte Des Pays Obsedes Par Les Zombies

06.28.13 from Wired
Geo-Tagged Twitter Map of #StandWithWendy Shows Texas Senator Wasn’t a Lone Star

06.28.13 from The Atlantic Cities
Where We're Obsessed With Zombies

06.03.13 from Der Spiegel
Visualisierte Geodaten: Ein Meer aus Tweets mit Inseln des Hasses

06.01.13 from NPR
Haters Gonna Hate, As Shown on a Map

05.20.13 from Time
The Geography of U.S. Hate, Mapped using Twitter

05.17.13 from BET
Commentary: "Geography of Hate" Map Is Interesting…to a Point

05.16.13 CBC/Public Radio International

05.16.13 from Colorlines
'Geography of Hate' Maps our Racism on Twitter

05.16.13 from Kansas City Star
Map of hateful tweets shows hotspots are mostly in eastern half of U.S.

05.15.13 BBC World Service

05.15.13 from JOL Press
«Geography of hate»: une cartographie de la haine sur Twitter

Hate Map plots homophobia and racism across the US

05.14.13 from Slate
The Next Chapter on Hate Speech Will Be Written on Social Media

05.14.13 from die Tageszeitung
Die Geografie des Hasses

05.14.13 from HetLaaste Nieuws
Geography of Hate' brengt haatdragende tweets in kaart

05.13.13 from
Racist, Homophobic Tweets Mapped

05.13.13 Il Post
Lo “hate speech” per i social network

05.13.13 Le Monde
Des étudiants créent une « carte de la haine » sur Twitter

05.13.13 from Vice's Motherboard
Introducing Hate, the Map

05.13.13 from Zeit Online
Wo Amerikaner hassen

05.13.13 from Mashable
'Geography of Hate' Maps Racist, Homophobic, Ableist Tweets

05.13.13 from Flowing Data
Geography of hate against gays, races, and the disabled

05.10.13 from
An Interactive Map of Racist, Homophobic and Ableist Tweets in America

05.10.13 from Gawker
Map of Twitter Racism Shows Twitter is Racist Everywhere

05.10.13 from The Atlantic Cities
Where Americans Tweet Messages of Hate

05.10.13 from The Guardian
Mapping hate speech: homophobia and racism on twitter

03.26.13 from The Atlantic Cities
Who Writes the Wikipedia Entries About Where You Live?

02.06.13 from The Atlantic Cities
How the Internet Reinforces Inequality in the Real World

02.04.13 from the Business Insider
36 Maps That Explain The Entire World

01.11.13 from The Guardian
Which Premier League teams are the most popular in each area? A Twitter interactive map

01.11.13 from Twitter

12.28.12 from the Guardian
2012: the year in data, journalism (and charts)

12.27.12 from John Clay's Sidelines at the Lexington Herald-Leader
Study shows #bbn tweets swamp #L1C4 tweets

12.20.12 from the Atlantic Cities
2012's Year in Maps

12.19.12 from
Map of the Pope’s followers on Twitter confirms: Earth is rife with godless heathens

12.12.12. from the Guardian
The Pope has joined Twitter - how are his followers distributed around the world?

11.28.12 from the Guardian
Digital trails of the UK floods - how well do tweets match observations?

11.23.12 from Mashable
Mapping Thanksgiving Dishes Using Twitter

11.23.12 from the Guardian
Mashed turnips, anyone? Using social media to map Thanksgiving foods

11.12.12 from the National Monitor
Geographers create map of which states sent the most racist post-election tweets

11.11.12 from Slashdot
Geomapping Racism With Twitter

11.10.12 from Gawker
Which States Sent The Most Racist Tweets After The Election?

11.09.12 from the Los Angeles Times
Election-related 'hate' tweets big in Alabama, Mississippi

11.09.12 from Time Magazine
Where Did All Those Racist Anti-Obama Tweets Come From? Here’s the Science

11.09.12 from 
Where are America’s racist anti-Obama tweets coming from?

11.09.12 from Le Monde
GUERRE DE SÉCESSION – Une carte des tweets racistes envers Obama

11.09.12 from the Miami New Times
Congratulations! Florida Had the Least Racist Tweets After Obama's Reelection of Any Southern State
11.09.12 from The Atlantic
Where America's Racist Tweets Come From

11.09.12 from The Guardian
Mapping racist Tweets in response to President Obama's re-election

11.09.12 from FlowingData
Mapping racist tweets

11.08.12 from the Birmingham News Alabama blog
Alabama leads in racist tweets post-election; can we tweet tolerance?

11.08.12 from the Daily Mail (U.K.)
The Racist States of America

11.07.12 from FastCo.Design
How New York Tweeted During Hurricane Sandy

11.04.12 from The Lexington Herald-Leader

10.31.12 from The Guardian
What can Twitter tell us about Hurricane Sandy flooding? Visualized.

10.27.12 from the Economist
The New Local

10.27.12 from the Economist
The World in Your Pocket

10.05.12 from Arcata Eye
(Big)Bird is the Word

07.18.12 from Gizmodo
Evidence That Klout Doesn't Make Sense, Visualized

07.17.12 from The Atlantic Cities
Map of the Day: The Geography of Klout

07.09.12 from CNN Belief Blog
Study: People tweet more about church than beer

07.09.12 from Upworthy
WARNING: Your State May Be A God-Forsaken Beer Fest. Here’s The Map.

07.06.12 from Michigan Live
Church or beer? Twitter analysis points to Michigan's love for the bubbly stuff

07.06.12 from
Tweets of the words "beer" and "church" by U.S. county

07.06.12 from Flowing Data
Beer versus church mapped

07.05.12 from The Atlantic Cities
Map of the Day: Church vs. Beer

07.04.12 from The Guardian
Church vs beer: using Twitter to map regional differences in US culture

03.26.12 from The Atlantic
Confirmed: The Internet Does Not Solve Global Inequality

03.26.12 from The BBC
Oxford launches free interactive course book

03.09.12 from The Guardian
Big Data and the end of Theory?

01.19.12 from
Inside the Underground Economy

12.27.11 from The Maddow Blog
Map: Italian Christmas Cake

12.27.11 from Geo-Web Junction
The Top 10 Best Maps -- Ever!

12.16.11 from The Guardian
Santa v Satan v Zombies: who wins in the battle for Google Maps?

11.14.11 from The Atlantic Cities
Mapping the 'Anti-Creative Class'

11.14.11 from the Arizona Daily Star
Data let researchers look at pot economy

11.14.11 from
Mapping the Promised Lands: Welcome To the 'Slacker Strata'

11.11.11 from The Guardian
The world of Wikipedia's languages mapped

10.24.11 from The Atlantic Cities
The Geography of Weed

10.18.11 from WTVQ Channel 36
Is New I-Phone App Going Too Far

09.30.11 from The Guardian
The Flickr map of the world

09.23.11 from The Guardian
The Zombie map of the world

09.14.11 from the Arizona Daily Wildcat
Marijuana nationwide: UA student maps prices

09.13.11 from The Jay Thomas Show on Sirius Satellite Radio
Interview on the Jay Thomas Show

09.10.11 from STLtoday
Short take: Free-market weed

09.09.11 from
Le marché américain du cannabis cartographié

09.02.11 from Andrew Sullivan's The Dish at The Daily Beast
Modern Prohibition

09.02.11 from Motherboard
Two Software Developers are Seeing to it That You Never Get Ripped Off Buying Weed Again

09.02.11 from Broward Palm Beach New Times
Marijuana Prices in South Florida Are Getting High, but Definitely Not the Highest

09.01.11 from Network World
Underground Economy: Mapping the Price of Pot Across the Internet

08.30.11 from Wired Magazine
O Say, Can You THC?

08.30.11 from The Huffington Post
Illinois' Marijuana Estimated To Be Among The Nation's Most Expensive

08.30.11 from NORML Blog
Wired Magazine: Check the Map. Are You Paying Too Much For Your Marijuana?

08.29.11 from Gizmodo
Map Proves You Are Paying Too Much For Marijuana

08.29.11 from FlowingData
Price of weed

03.07.11 from Science Online
Power to the people through citizen cartography

12.06.10 from Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish at The Atlantic
Where Are America's Corner Pubs? Wisconsin.

08.20.10 from the Emerging Health Threats Forum
People Power Emergency Response

07.13.10 from the Rachel Maddow Blog
Where Google thinks the liberals are

06.19.10 from The Economist
"Football" crazy

06.11.10 from LA Weekly
More Fun With Maps: The Great American Pizza-Guns-Strip Clubs Map

05.18.10 from OJR: The Online Journalism Review
Mapping technology provides journalists a new medium for storytelling online

04.13.10 from
The Only Map a Farker will ever need

04.13.10 from the Consumerist
Epic Map: Pizza Vs Guns vs Strippers

04.11.10 from the Lubbock (TX) Avalanche-Journal 
Baptists' church-starting mission counts on the power of seven

03.31.10 from Cool Infographics
The World Christianity Maps

03.28.10 from the St. Petersburg Times
The cyberscape of Christianity (print version only - available here)

03.21.10 from Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish at The Atlantic
Map of the Day - Mapping Christianity

03.20.10 from Speaking of Faith Blog from American Public Media
Mapping Religion in Online Realms (or Maps of Irreverence that Tell Us Something about Our Online Selves)

03.18.10 from GOOD Blog
The Christianity Map

03.17.10 from The Atlantic
The Christianity Map

03.16.10 from the New York Times' Economix Blog
The Beer Belly of America

03.11.10 from the Rachel Maddow Blog
We're a nation of drunks

03.10.10 from Strange Maps
"Great Party Place, Wisconsin", or: America's Beer Belly

03.09.10 from The Chicago Sun-Times' Shiny Objects
Welcome to the Midwest - Beer Belly of America

03.06.10 from Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish at The Atlantic
Map of the Day - The Beer Belly of America

03.05.10 from The Consumerist
Illinois and Wisconsin Do Not Mess Around When it Comes to Drinkin'

03.03.10 from the Riverfront Times
St. Louis Beaten in Bar Fight

03.02.10 from FlowingData
Where Bars Trump Grocery Stores

02.11.10 from Planning Commissioners Journal
The Beer Belly of America

01.29.10 from Blogs of Note featured on Blogs of Note

01.28.10 from Vizworld
Google's Geographies of Religion

01.27.10 from
Digital Maps Reveal Hidden Geographies of Sex and Religion

12.24.09 from the Lexington Herald-Leader
Where's Santa? UK Geographers find him in L.A.
(print version here and here)

12.02.09 from The Guardian
Wikipedia's known unknowns